Bed Bug Eradication (Pest Control)

Say goodbye to bed bugs

Prevent, Detect, Monitor and Eliminate Bedbugs in your home!

UV Micro can help you eliminate a bed bug infestation. Our 4-step professional-treatment plan is guaranteed to help you get rid of these annoying pest.

Encase Your Mattress / Remove Hiding Places

Kill bed bugs hiding in your mattress
Protect your bed from invading bugs
Keep your mattress fresh for years
Isolate Your Bed / Stop the Biting

Stop bed bugs from reaching you
Cut off the bed bugs’ feeding source
Monitor the population
Steam & Clean the Room

Kill bed bugs hiding in your clothes
Vacuum away bugs and eggs in hiding
Kill remaining bugs with bed bug steamers
Spray & Powder Cracks & Crevices

Kill immediately with a contact spray
Get 12 weeks of protection with residual sprays
Seal entry points indefinitely with natural powders
UV Micro is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Call us and schedule your service today! Tel: (246) 571-5652/ 238-5157

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