Water/Moisture is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment especially in places like Barbados where there’s a propensity for flooding and an active hurricane season. If your home or building contents are at risk from any of the following events you should contact us immediately!

1. Faulty or Damaged Plumbing

2. Sink Overflow

3. Bathtub or Toilet Overflow

5. Rain Water Intrusion

6. Natural Disaster (Flood)

7. High Humidity Conditions

Why is it so important to contact us immediately?

Water has the ability to get into places that you cannot see or feel and when it does, this can result is significant damage to your furnishings. Moreover, microorganisms (mold) can flourish. This can present a whole new set of problems for persons occupying the space. Your air quality can become contaminated and put you, and anyone occupying the space at risk.

We at UV Micro can respond quickly to help protect and save your possessions from the possibility of irreversible damage. We have the knowledge and equipment needed to mitigate an unexpected water event and restore most furnishings that may have been exposed in the process. However, we can only help you if you call us as soon as you become aware of the problem. You have a limited time frame before the damage becomes irreversible!

UV Micro is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today! Tel: (246) 571-5652/ (246) 238-5157